We migrated all our code from svn to a local tfs a couple of years ago.

Since we are a small company we soon released the handling servers and installing patches and updates isn't our thing.

We made the move to TFS Azure when it was still in a beta state, but we still thought it was working good enough for us.

As we grew as a company we started to work more and more with agile principles, and Scrum became our main philosophy. Then we needed a system that could handle these requirements. Luckily TFS Azure had grown and now a Scrum work template was available. We where able to move all our backlog items and task, and a nice scrum board online.

This was working good for us with some smaller issues with the burndown chart. This was during the beginning of our development cycles. A lot of new functionality came, and with that some bugs that we kept track of.

Today we have two customers using the product that we build, and along with that comes support.

Now the TFS Azure isn't the software we are looking for to handle the support tickets. We need something that is a facade in front of TFS, that a support organization can work with, that handles SLA, Customers, centralizes all communications, customer satisfactory.

After a good look around I now decided to try  Zendesk

We will start our trial, with 3 support agents tomorrow, and I will get back with my review.