We are hosting aproximatly 30% Php sites, and 70% Asp.net sites.

Since I've done a fair bit of migrations of asp.net sites I decided to start with php and the Mysql databases.

I don't like the payment modell for ClearDB, I still think it's too expensive. So I've created a new virtual mashine with Windows server 2012, and installer the windows version of Mysql.

I followed this guide: http://www.windowsazure.com/en-us/manage/windows/common-tasks/install-mysql/

It's kind of outdates since Mysql installation doesn't look a bit like the guide, but you could still follow the instructions without any problems.

When I was all done, and had imported out databases I tried to connect to the database from one of our websites. This wasn't working!

I first thought about the firewalls, and I had done like the guide instructed to, open an endpoint for Mysql, as well as opened Mysql in Windows server firewall. It was when I had a closer look at the firewall rules I saw that it had only opened the port for Mysql in the Domain, and not public. As soon as I changed this everything worked fine!

Highlighted needs to be set to All or Public in order to work remotely:


[highlight color="black]Summary: 1 Database, and 1 site migrated successfully. [/highlight]